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Tea Cup and Saucer

For Providers

Clinical Supervision

  • Faye Borja, PhD, LPC, CPCS

  • Vivian Daniel, LCSW

  • Smruti Desai, LPC, CPCS

  • Crystal Hamilton, LCSW

  • Sumi Hong, LMFT

  • David Kim, PhD, LPC, CPCS

  • Shama Panjwani, PhD, LPC, ACS

  • Malavika Patel, LPC

  • Shubha Swamy, LPC, CPCS

  • Fatima Wasim, PhD, LPC, CPCS


If you are a licensed mental health professional in the state of Georgia and you identify as Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and/or Desi American, please contact us so we can get to know you and include your information in our directory.

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